3 Easy Hot and Iced Coffee Cocktail Recipes At Home

Now that the weather is cooling down and leaves are just beginning to fall, we're all thinking about getting cozy! Especially with a hot (or cold!) cup of coffee. Enjoy these 3 tasty coffee cocktails this September while at home!

1. Coffee and Lemonade: the ultimate afternoon sip. 

Combine equal amounts cold brew coffee and lemonade. Add an ounce of vodka or bourbon for a kick! This is alternatively known as a Laura Palmer!

2. Iced Vanilla Latte With a Kick

Whip up an iced latte at home and add an ounce of vanilla vodka. If you're looking for an extra treat, top with Irish cream.

3. Coffee Old Fashioned: perfect to pair with some s'mores!

Either use chilled espresso or coffee liqueur in addition to classic Old Fashioned ingredients. Bourbon whiskey, water, orange rind, and simple syrup. 


Enjoy these boozy coffee treats! Especially in Fioretto Drinkware's Skull Glass.

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