Four in Hand

One of our food and drink partners, Ebby Kurian (@ebbydranks), mixed up this boozy nightcap. A switch up from a summertime of refreshing and light cocktails. Featuring our Diamond Glass in Clear, this cocktail is a must-try for any serious cocktail drinker. 

3/4 ounce Old Grand Dad 114 (Jim Beam)
3/4 ounce Laird's bonded apple brandy (Laird's Apple Jack)
1/4 ounce Jamaican rum (Smith and Cross)
1/4 ounce green chartreuse 
1 tsp cinnamon syrup
1 tsp vanilla syrup

Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass with a few large pieces of ice and stir completely. Strain into a showstopper glass (our Diamond Glass!) and garnish with a seductive orange peel.

Enjoy! Make sure to tag @drinkfioretto and @ebbydranks if you dare to make this one!

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