What You Need To Know About Dishwasher Glass Corrosion

Glass corrosion can seriously damage your drink and glassware. It cannot be reversed and can leave you with destroyed glass! It is caused by the washing away of the glass surface. This is most often caused by the dishwasher: high temperatures and long washing cycles are critical considerations in glass corrosion. 

  • When purchasing glassware, pay attention to whether they are dishwasher-friendly. All Fioretto Drinkware glassware is both heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe.
  • To preserve the maximum lifetime of your glasses, only wash them on low temperatures. Try using gentle or quick program cycles.
  • After dishes are dry, open the dishwasher door briefly and allow the steam to be released. 
  • Ensure you are using dishwasher detergents that have been tested for their care of items to be washed.

Enjoy your new dishwasher-safe Fioretto Drinkware. The best luxury glassware to hold up in your home.

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